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Planning for retirement is different than saving for retirement. Learn why when you tune into “The Retirement Planning Show with Rick Nye” at 7 a.m. Saturdays on WTAM 1100. During the show, Rick discusses things to keep in mind to help you comprehensively plan for a financially stress-free retirement, including why reaching your savings goal does not ensure your money will last as long as you do, the importance of financial strategizing and everything you should know to grow and protect your assets.

In the meantime, listen to some of Rick’s financial insights that can help you plan a comfortable retirement!



Getting Retirement Ready

Video: Rick Nye appears on Fox 8’s New Day Cleveland
Description: Rick Nye talks about retirement planning with show host David Moss – October 2016

Social Security

Video: Financial Update – Avoid Taking Social Security Benefits Too Early
Description: Hear Rick discuss some of the biggest mistakes people make when filing for their Social Security benefits.

Video: Maximizing Social Security Benefits
Description: Learn how to get the most of what could be your single-largest retirement income source.

Video: Early Social Security Benefit Losses
Description: Why not take the money and run? Rick explains why taking benefits too soon can leave thousands of dollars on the table.

Retirement Planning/Recommendations

Video: Five Retirement Recommendations
Description: What life circumstances should you financially plan for in retirement? Rick explains various financial situations and how to address them.

Video: Your Retirement Planning To-Do List
Description: Rick identifies the top items you need to address before you cash your last paycheck.


Video: What Is an Annuity?
Description: Watch Rick explain some annuity basics using five buckets.

Video: Auditing Your Annuities
Description: Rick explains how he helps his clients understand each annuity they own.

Video: Annuities
Description: When it comes to annuities, there are several myths going around. Watch as Rick separates fact from fiction.

Video: Supplement Your Retirement Savings With Annuities

General Financial Planning

Video: The Ideal Investment — Does it Exist?
Description: Learn how single premium life insurance might help you reach your retirement goals.

Video: When to Settle for a Smaller Death Benefit
Description: Rick explains who could benefit from selling their life insurance policy for a smaller death benefit.

Video: Money Matters — WKYC
Description: How can you take the stress out of retirement planning? Rick lists factors to consider in order to help you retire with confidence.

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