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Workshop Topics

Our educational workshops, appreciation events, speaking engagements and presentations provide an opportunity for you to receive additional financial information at no cost. We offer informational seminars and guest speakers as well as educational handouts, reference materials and product literature. We invite all clients, referrals and pre-qualified visitors to attend our events. Please take the opportunity at these events to request a private consultation scheduled at your convenience.

Getting Retirement Ready

Are you retirement ready? Find out by attending this exclusive dinner event hosted by Nye Financial Group.

Join noted financial advisor Rick Nye for dinner and an engaging discussion about the risks faced by retirees today. Risks that can quickly lead to financial disaster, including: the risk of outliving your assets, a poorly timed stock market correction, the impact of rising health care costs or chronic illness, loss of income due to the death of a spouse and mistakes commonly made when planning for retirement.

There is no sales pitch, just Rick discussing how to plan for a financially stress-free retirement. These events are for small groups, so reserve your seat today.

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Maximizing Your Social Security Benefits

The simple fact is that Social Security may not be straightforward for everyone and for many it will be their most significant retirement asset. Just like any other facet of saving for retirement, there are strategies you can employ to optimize the benefits you are eligible to receive – particularly among married couples. In this workshop we’ll provide an overall status of Social Security, insights and education on the various Social Security benefits claiming options, some of which are less known, information on how Social Security benefits are taxed and how to determine when it is the right time for you to claim your Social Security benefit. By learning the facts about Social Security options, you could receive significantly more income over the length of your retirement that may help you and your spouse.

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Annuities: What Every Baby Boomer and Retiree Needs to Know

An educational workshop designed to educate those in and nearing retirement on the world of annuities. Considered by many to be “complicated,” our workshop will provide easy-to-understand information about the basic types of annuities available, and their most common features, as well as educate you on how to make the right annuity choice. We’ll also uncover the potential dangers and pitfalls of some annuities, the most common mistakes annuity owners make and how you can avoid them. If you own an annuity we will offer insights that will help you evaluate your annuity and what options you have available to you.

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Extended Long-Term Care

Assessment of different approaches to what is needed and what is available to cover necessary costs of long-term care.

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Asset Allocation

A demonstration on how asset allocation can correct the most common investment mistakes made by retirees and the soon-to-be retired.

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Advanced Estate Planning

Discussion on financial and estate planning strategies for those individuals whose net worth exceeds $5,000,000.

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Tax-Advantaged Alternatives

A review of tax-advantaged alternatives to CDs, money market accounts, mutual funds, etc., with emphasis placed on conservative investments and strategies that maximize tax savings.

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Your IRAs

Focused on IRS minimum distribution requirements with respect to your IRAs and other qualified accounts. Ideas on income maximization and income and estate tax savings will also be reviewed as they relate to your IRAs.

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Round Table Workshops

A more personal, in-depth discussion of targeted advanced topics of charitable remainder trusts, Alaska trusts (Domestic Asset Protection Trusts), large IRAs ($500,000 or more), family limited partnerships, in-depth A/B trust design, pension rollback and investment partnerships in IRA distribution planning.

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