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Archive for February 2018

Amtrak Discounts for Seniors

For travelers 65 and older, Amtrak offers a 10 percent discount on the lowest available fare for most rail routes. If you’re looking to travel by train over the border to Canada, the senior discount is 10 percent for travelers age 60 and over, courtesy of a joint agreement between Amtrak and VIA Rail Canada.…

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How Losing Sleep Could Translate to a Loss of Money

Some teenagers seem to sleep a lot. As parents and grandparents, we can find this rather aggravating. But the fact is, as we get older, our sleep patterns may change, and our sleep can be less restful.1 Perhaps it’s a good idea to let young people sleep in peace while they still can.   Scientists…

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Why It’s Important to Care for the Caregivers

If you picture yourself receiving long-term care at some point, you likely envision a medical professional sitting bedside, tending to your needs. However, the bulk of long-term care in the U.S. is actually provided by family caregivers.1   According to a recent Merrill Lynch study, 20 million Americans become caregivers each year. Moreover, family caregivers…

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