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Archive for October 2019

Where Does the Time Go?

Americans are so busy that they often have a hard time balancing demands for work and their personal lives. In fact, participants in a recent survey reported having only an average of 26 minutes of free time each week.1 Where does the time go? The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that women have not only…

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Health Care a Hot Topic for 2020

One issue sure to ignite the 2020 election year is the future of health care in America. As Congress resumes its session this fall, legislators on both sides of the aisle are anxious to pass health-care-related bills to gain positive campaign traction. Popular proposals include legislation to lower prescription drug prices and ban surprise medical…

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Generational Differences in Handling Money

The baby boom generation is the demographic engine that has driven U.S. economic growth over the past 50 years. But now, as boomers work less, spend less, retire and draw on retirement funds, that baton is being handed over to Generation X and millennials. The economy is fueled by consumer spending, so the people who…

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Fingerprint, Retina Scans Not Just for James Bond Anymore

Most people using the internet to shop, conduct financial transactions or read firewall-protected content are likely familiar with the aggravation of maintaining passwords. Worse yet, tech experts now say conventional password security is only a marginal defense against hacking.1 We are now entering a new age in electronic security for the average user — one…

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Economic Perils and Opportunities of Extreme Weather

While the causes of climate change may be for up for debate, its impact on our economy and potential adjustments to business models are not. For example, rampant coastal flooding in South Florida has prompted at least one research institute to predict insurers will stop offering homeowners policies in the region. As a result, the…

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