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Getting Retirement Ready

Video: Rick Nye appears on Fox 8’s New Day Cleveland
Description: Rick Nye talks about retirement planning with show host David Moss — October 2016

Social Security

Video: Financial Update — Avoid Taking Social Security Benefits Too Early
Description: Hear Rick discuss some of the biggest mistakes people make when filing for their Social Security benefits.

Video: Maximizing Social Security Benefits
Description: Learn how to get the most of what could be your single-largest retirement income source.

Video: Early Social Security Benefit Losses
Description: Why not take the money and run? Rick explains why taking benefits too soon can leave thousands of dollars on the table.

Retirement Planning/Recommendations

Video: Five Retirement Recommendations
Description: What life circumstances should you financially plan for in retirement? Rick explains various financial situations and how to address them.

Video: Your Retirement Planning To-Do List
Description: Rick identifies the top items you need to address before you cash your last paycheck.


Video: What Is an Annuity?
Description: Watch Rick explain some annuity basics using five buckets.

Video: Auditing Your Annuities
Description: Rick explains how he helps his clients understand each annuity they own.

Video: Annuities
Description: When it comes to annuities, there are several myths going around. Watch as Rick separates fact from fiction.

Video: Supplement Your Retirement Savings With Annuities

Video: The Ideal Investment — Does it Exist?
Description: Learn how single premium life insurance might help you reach your retirement goals.

Video: When to Settle for a Smaller Death Benefit
Description: Rick explains who could benefit from selling their life insurance policy for a smaller death benefit.

Video: Money Matters — WKYC
Description: How can you take the stress out of retirement planning? Rick lists factors to consider in order to help you retire with confidence.

General Financial Planning

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